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Holy Saturday

Today is Holy Saturday, it is a day of mourning. And although we have so much to mourn, we tend to brush Holy Saturday aside. We busy ourselves with preparations for tomorrow and we forget to grieve. Today is the day when we have to begin to come to terms with the loss of the most important person in our lives. We are bereft. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows the pain and sorrow of this day. We know it will take a long time for the pain to fade, perhaps even the rest of our lives. But while today is a very sad day, if we believe the gospel story, we know that our sadness will be temporary, we do have hope. But we cannot rush into Easter. Today we have to live in the grief. And for my friends who are grieving their own loss today, know that your grief is holy, it is a sign of your capacity for love. Easter will come in its time and you will have cause to rejoice again. For today, just know that you are not alone.

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